Personal Chef


What is A Personal Chef?

Personal Chefs are trained professional people who prepare meals in the client’s home. The Chef will complete everything from planning the menus, grocery shopping, preparing meals and even the clean up! The meals are prepared in the client’s home to ensure industry regulations and proper food handling procedures are followed. The main distinction between Personal Chefs and Private Chefs is, Personal Chefs are employed by any number of clients and Private Chefs are exclusive to one client.

How does this Service work for “Me”?

We always say... “There are never enough hours in the day”! This is especially true if you have a busy life and/or family. Sometimes the last thing you want to do is cook! Spending money on restaurants, take-out or even convenience foods can add up, not to mention how they make you feel if they are not the healthiest choices. Through “Let’s Eat!” Personal Chef Services, you will enjoy a customized menu/meal plan with the foods you love with minimal time and waste!

Can I justify the cost of A Personal Chef?

Yes! Like any service offered, be it your Mechanic, Accountant, Lawyer, etc., we pay for good service by a professional and expect our money’s worth. I could bore you with the stats, but that’s no fun! When you look at your own budget and how much money you spend on food, compared to how much you actually consume, it is clear... It is affordable!



"Kerina, everyone was blown away by your food and your service. Totally!"
-- G.A. Jank Metal Scupture